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“My goal is to assist you in resolving your personal and interpersonal problems in order to conquer, reduce, or tolerate stress and conflict.”

Krystle M. Davis, LCSW

Visionary & Founder, ISLY( I still Love You)


Krystle M. Davis is the Visionary and Founder of I Still Love You (ISLY). In this role, she is dedicated to introducing healthy coping skills to individuals struggling with life transitions as well as building and redefining healthy mentorships and community building. 

Krystle began her professional career as a youth counselor at a group home for adolescent youth. In this position she learned that her service to her community will be through her commitment to empowering the younger generation. With the burning desire to do more in life, she quit her job, packed her things to relocated to Washington D.C.. There she attended Howard University in pursuit of her Master Degree in Social Work where she later graduated.

After working and interning with organizations and businesses Krystle used her skills and knowledge to fill a void that many lacked. Using a combination of education and knowledge coupled with knowledge of public interest, company’s views, and specific issues, she provided services to organizations and business with specialty in non-profit and community events. Through this position she has gained leadership roles such as Director of Community Relations at Fashion For A Cure and co-founder of The Ujima Awards. Krystle has also contributed to panels/forums focusing on mental health and therapeutic interventions in addition to developed and presented workshops on topics such as self-esteem building, communication skills among teens, and/or healthy coping skills. 

Krystle is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Registered Yoga Teacher with an ongoing devoted passion in working with youth in urban communities and helping individuals and families navigate the demands of life . She also services to her community as a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. Her goals and aspirations are not limited as she uses her current experiences to continue to grow, learn, serve, and be a service to others.

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